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Weeklyleaks is non commercial and based on mutual trust. All of the artists that I have recorded back in my day as a sound man have recorded material for sale, and I urge you to buy their music by following the links I provide. By signing up for the weeklyleaks/MartinHagfors newsletter and obtaining access to the live streaming concerts you agree not to copy, reproduce, “rip”, record, or distribute any part of these live streams.
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Martin Hagfors
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Tom Verlaine Beach Club Oslo Sept 30 1991 

This is a strange but entertaining concert from one of post punks greatest songwriters.
The strangest thing is the setting at The Beach Club, a burger joint in Oslo's waterfront not too far from the now defunkt Cruise Cafe. The Beach Club is still around, I think its bigger than it used to be as are a lot of things in Oslo...
The show is accoustic, they didn't have a stage and I seem to remember mixing this on a small hired sound system. Tom Verlaine is one of my favorite guitar players and his work on the… Read more

Livingston Taylor Nightstage 12.10.87 


Here's a show from Nightstage in Cambridge Massachusetts. Livingston is a native and now a professor at Berklee College of music.
He is a very popular local performer and an excellent songwriter, he is also good at communicating with his audiences and makes them feel perfectly at home something that becomes obvious in this show.

Livingston released a critically acclaimed album a couple of years ago, Last Alaska Moon check it out!

Read about him here

Buy his music here

The Tailgators-Cruise Cafe-5.13.1989 

           The Tailgators with house DJ Devo

The Tailgators were the perfect band for Cruise coming from Austin and all..., I don't know how many times they played there but they were always a favorite band for the local crowd of Texans. The Tailgators were so LOUD that they drove people to drink and created a party atmosphere everytime...on this tape I can hear the cymbals constantly almost driving the vocal mic into a shreiking feedback and the band leader Don asking me to crank up the monitors until they… Read more

Giant Sand-Cruise Cafe-20th Feb 1990 


Howie Gelb visited Oslo in Feb 1990 with his Giant Sand. This was a very relaxed show and I'm not sure, but I hoped I mixed it loud!!
Excellent indie rock vibe and loose lip from the great Howie Gelb, he had with him John Convertino who went on to co found Calexico and Mark Walton who was a regular sideman for Steve Wynn's Dream Syndicate. Well I found the cassette but I can't remember much from the show, maybe I ate one great Cruise Cafe burger too many or it could have been the beer..This… Read more

Buster Poindexter & The Banshees of Blue - Nightstage-TBC-Dec. 1987 


There is nothing wrong with a real song and dance man! Not that Buster danced much, but he moved, his mind raced and his lips followed suit. His band was great and the audience absolutely loved this guy. I even made a point of bringing my mum to one of the shows as I knew she would love it as much as me. 
I remember doing several shows with the Banshees of Blue and with just one monitor mix for horns, piano, vocals, etc it was a challange, but it worked.
Unfortunatley time has run its toll… Read more

Duke Robillard Band Cruise Cafe 3.3.1989 

Duke Robillard is an incredibly talented guitar player and a great songwriter. I was already of fan of his the first time I did sound for him back at The Nightstage in Cambridge. I still have his first solo releases on vinyl that he recorded with the Pleasure Kings and they include some great R&B songwriting, the self titled 1983 release is a classic. Check it out! And check out his swing records too! Duke was a founder of his home state Rhode Island Roomful of Blues and continued collaborating with… Read more

Jimmie Dale Gilmore & Butch Hancock - Cruise Cafe 


Two members of the legendary Flatlanders played Cruise but I can't remember when..anyone?
Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Butch Hancock were the perfect couple to enter The Cruise Cafe and I'm sure they felt at home away from home. They were backed by the late Jessie Taylor on guitar.
Even though I'm not sure about the date, I'm sure neither of these fine gentleman had web pages at the time and I'm not even sure if I had a computer back then... times have changed.
Jimmie Dale of course is almost as… Read more

EEK-A-MOUSE! Nightstage May 7th 1988 

The tallest mouse in the world !

Eek a Mouse was a riot, a show not to be forgotten, Nightstage had some great reggae acts drop by from time to time, The I-Threes, Toots and the Maytals etc but the mouse was the strangest cat of all. Eek-A-Mouse (born Ripton Joseph Hylton) had a big following in Boston so Nightstage was packed for his concert, a hard working, crowd pleasing and original entertainer. I had fun tweaking the old Deltalab Effectron delay from the sound of this tape...

Read the write… Read more

Tom Russell Band-Cruise Cafe May 19th 1990  

The first time I ran into the Tom Russell Band was at Nightstage in Cambridge where they opened for Steve Earl or was it Joe Ely... damn my memory is fading! it's a good thing weeklyleaks is around to catch what's left of my grey cassette...Anyhow, I wound up working with the band on numerous occasions at Cruise Cafe and they always drew a full house. They probably played for more people at Cruise than any other band, but then again I might be wrong..anyone?
Tom Russell has had an amazing career… Read more

Levon Helm @Nightstage 17th June 1988 w/Max Weinberg 


Levon Helm played Nightstage in Cambridge,MA with a great band including E-Street band drummer Max Weinberg. I don't remember too much from this gig, crazy I'm sure and this tape sounds like it must be from the last show, I do seem to remember one of the drummers slipped off his stool that evening...
I need help from the enlightened as to who was in the band, maybe my friends over at The Band site can help out?
Levon passed away this week, a unique musician and a huge inspiration.Peace.

Asleep At The Wheel Cruise Cafe, Oslo-N, March. 17. 1992 


Asleep at the Wheel came to Cruise for a two night stint in March 1992, and put on two great shows. Texas swing at its best and the small stage got a beating it probably never recovered from, not that I know what that means.. Anyhow they drew a mixed crowd of music lovers, jazz buffs, country shit kickers etc. and from the sound of this old cassette the Cruise was rockin!
I'm not sure who was in the band at the time but I'll make an unedumacated guess, the band leader Ray Benson does mention David… Read more

Riders In The Sky Nightstage May 10th 1988 


Riders In The Sky are about the funniest guys I've ever heard on stage and they have been an inspiration for some of my own work in HGH (Hagfors Gebhardt Hello!). They are great musicians and combined with quick wit are an act you definitely need to check out! Look here for their tour schedule.
I probably got the chance to work with them at least a couple of nights in Cambridge and as you can hear from this tape they had a great following. The late great John Hartford was on the bill with them and he… Read more

Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys Nightstage 6.30.1988 


Bill Monroe & The Blue Grass Boys! I got a chance to meet and work with this legend back in 1988. To quote wikipidea ...William Smith Monroe (September 13, 1911 – September 9, 1996) was an American musician who created the style of music known as bluegrass, which takes its name from his band, the "Blue Grass Boys," named for Monroe's home state of Kentucky. Monroe's performing career spanned 60 years as a singer, instrumentalist, composer and bandleader. He is often referred to as The Father ofRead more

John Lee Hooker New Years Eve 1987/ Nightstage w/Peter Wolf 


John Lee Hooker, David Maxwell and The Pleasure Kings with special guest Peter Wolf rocked the boat at Nightstage New Years eve 1987!
I had another band Down Time on my stage plot so I guess they must have opened. Anyhow. It was a special night for me, I've been the proud owner of John Lee Hooker albums ever sine I was a teenager, so I was indeed starstruck... David Maxwell a Boston based piano player put a band together for the evening, the rhythm section was Duke Robillards old band The PleasureRead more

Les Paul Trio Nightstage Cambridge. MA. 10.16.87 


This tape is a gem, Les Paul was a legendary guitar player, songwriter, inventor and a fantastic entertainer. Les Paul as most people know is the man behind the Gibson guitar by the same name but he also won Grammy's as a musician and was the brain behind sound on sound, the dubbing recording technique we now all take for granted and that later evolved into multitracking.
I was lucky enough to work with Les Paul several times at Nightstage, the man was hilarious!  He'd… Read more

Mose Allison Nightstage 9.18.87 


"The man’s voice was heaven. So cool, so decisively hip... Mose was my man. I felt him to be the epitome of restrained screaming power."
Pete Townshend

Ahhh Mose!
Mose Allison is more than a legend he's a totally original musician, songwriter and performer still going strong at the ripe young age of 84.
His songs have been covered by Van Morrison, John Mayall, The Who, The Clash, Eric Clapton, the Yardbirds, Elvis Costello and Bonnie Raitt, but his own rendition's outshine them… Read more

Anson Funderburgh & Sam Myers Cruise Cafe, Oslo, N. July 11th 1991 


Anson Funderburgh and The Rockets featuring Sam Myers is one of my most requested artists on weeklyleaks. I worked with Anson on several occasions on both sides of the Atlantic and it was always a pleasure. Anson is a gentleman, he is a tasteful, melodic and needle sharp guitar player. The late Sam Myers is the featured vocalist and harmonica player in The Rockets and was for the bulk of Ansons's early career. As you can hear from the enthusiastic crowd Anson & co had a very dedicated following… Read more

Irma Thomas Nightstage, Cambridge, Ma. 5.27.1988 

The Soul Queen of New Orleans!

Irma Thomas and The Professionals
What a night! The crowd went wild for Irma from the time she started singing back stage with a wireless mic to her leaving them screaming for more... and she paid them back ten fold. I had a blast listening to this tape, oh, by the way this is one of those weird tapes where I had a mic (Shure sm 57) sitting on the balcony going into one channel and the other channel is the board mix, so this sounds best in stereo or else it gets too… Read more

About Weeklyleaks

For the last twenty years I've been sitting on two old suitcases full of original live cassette recordings from my tenure as a sound man from the mid 80's to the 90's.
The tapes are mainly from two music clubs where I ran sound and lights, Nightstage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA and Cruise Cafe in Oslo, Norway. I used to make these recordings for reference, I'd usually listen to them the next morning to relive psycho acoustic phenomena's from the night before, besides that, I'm a music buff.
I have never copied nor distributed the tapes before and will only make them available for streaming via this page and stored on my weeklyleaks.net web hotel. They are not for sale and I will not make copies nor make them downloadable. At times bands and road managers linked up to my recorder and made their own copies but most of these are believed to be unique recordings.
Technically speaking these tape are not of broadcast quality as the musical mixes are balanced for the PA and do not take into account stage volume levels, house eq or system balance..  Also none of them are complete performances, recording was not a priority, getting the house sound right and the performers comfortable was. Some tapes start up in the middle of a song , run out in the middle of the song etc. Bear with me.
Most tapes are right off the board but some are recorded with a mono mix to one channel and a microphone (most likely a Shure SM57) picking up the room in the other.
I will publish links to official recordings where you can purchase the music of the recorded artists, please help me out here so I can link to releases where the performer actually sees some money. Hopefully these live recordings will inspire you to do so.
I had a great time working with these artist and I look forward to listening to them again. I'll try and write a few words, not reviews just ramblings about each concert and I hope to publish one every other week depending on my tour/work schedule. Hopefully this project  won't be too overwhelming as its all of my doing and a labor of love.
Look forward to concerts with,Mose Allison, Mick Taylor, Tracy Chapman, Townes Van Zandt, Dizzy Gillespie, Tom Russell, Eek A Mouse, Dr. John, Giant Sand, Loudon Wainwright, Astor Piazzolla, Screaming Jay Hawkins, Carl Perkins, Bill Monroe, Etta James, Rick Danko, Levon Helm, American Music Club, Albert King, Michelle Shocked, Duke RobillardDelbert McClinton and a bunch more, it should keep me busy... 

Please contact me if you as an artist or their legal estate do not want these recordings made public.
A high bit rate wave file copy will be made available to the artists upon request. The audio available for preview on this site is only at 96kbps.

Martin Hagfors

The concerts will be transfered from my old Sony TC-D5, the same deck that I recorded them with. 

Legally speaking on a personal level

Weeklyleaks is my fan page to some of the great musicians I happened to work with back in my day as a soundman. 
The tapes are getting old and the time is right to digitalize them in a library before they are gone forever. They are not of broadcast quality and are uploaded to my weeklyleaks web host at a meager 96kbps. They are kind of like red wine on the rocks, the smell is right but for the full flavor you have to go for the real thing. So buy the official full fidelity recordings. 
I have never encountered a web page quite like this before and once I got the idea to pursue weeklyleaks I gave the pros and cons a lot of thought. Weeklyleaks is non commercial and as a a musician/songwriter with 17 albums and hundreds of songs under the belt I take these matters very seriously. In our new media environment including free streaming of official recordings, free downloads at youtube etc. I thought I would try to approach this differently providing links to official releases and hopefully turning new fans on to the great artists I intend to present. FYI, these music files do not reside on this web hotel.

Please contact me if you as an artist or their legal estate do not want to be promoted on these pages.

List of artists who do not allow public streaming here
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